Cilantro Lime Jasmine Rice

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This fresh Cilantro Lime Rice is a huge thing lately and I gotta admit I’m hooked. I first discovered it at Chipotle probably like many of you. I have no shame admitting that I look forward to indulging there at times… it’s pretty much the only “fast food” I can stomach. But lets be honest… most times the Cilantro Lime Rice at Chipotle (whether it be white or brown) or pretty much anywhere lacks any punch. Both lime and cilantro are huge bold flavors for such fresh tasting ingredients. So I want to taste both in the rice. That is why I decided to come up with the perfect measurements to get it right every damn time!

One word of advice, make sure that one lime you use in the recipe is JUICY! Otherwise use another one. If you’re a lover of cilantro, add more if you want to. And before you go adding salt to it because you think it will need it, try it first! Typically lime and lemon added to foods usually mimics the purpose of salt. Feel free to use any rice but I feel the subtle earthiness of Jasmin rice compliments everything the best. Besides, white rice isn’t the greatest for you and it’s boring anyways 😀



1 cup uncooked jasmine rice
1 lime, juiced
1 cup fresh cilantro, chopped

Cook the jasmine rice according to the packaging. When done thoroughly stir the lime juice and cilantro together.