Berry Fruity Infused Water

Do you get enough water each day? A good gauge to make sure you’re getting enough water is to drink at least half your weight in ounces. More if you’re physically active. The most common reason why people don’t drink water is because they’re used to so many other flavorful and sugary options. All of which aren’t good for our health in the long term. There’s always adding fresh squeezed lemon juice to our water but here’s another great way to get your morning water, with some vitamins and minerals. There’s no need for flavor packets of sugar substitutes or added refined sugars. You also avoid other added preservatives as well as unnecessary chemicals.

It’s pretty easy to do. This is a recipe that you can follow but you can literally use any fruit you love in any combination to your desire. I use a 32oz mason jar but you can also use the 64 oz. Have fun and play with your flavors.

1 serving
32 oz. mason jar
1/2 cup mixed berries
1/2 lemon, sliced
3 pineapple junks

Place everything in the jar, fill with filtered water and place in the fridge overnight.